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PrimeAus Visas (P) Ltd was established in July 2001, as an Immigration Consultancy after one of its Directors – Ms. Poonam Sharma passed the examination for “ Immigration Law for Migration Agents ” conducted by the Migration Institute of Australia ( MIA ).

The other director is a practicing Chartered Accountant having a long experience of over 30 years in disciplined and ethical work practices.

Some of the strengths which have contributed to our success are:

MIA Certified Consultant

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Our direct accountability with our clients
We are qualified in Australian Immigration Laws. We have an experience of 18 + years over a wide range of cases. We do not need to be tied up with “onshore MARA agents” as we possess the same knowledge and experience. We have our Offshore Agent ID: 3000872 with DHA – Australia.

Problem Solving ability
We do not have to wait for answers from an overseas agent regarding any complication or to solve a case problem. We directly answer our clients on the spot.

This is our consultancy
We are not bystanders. The applicants get to interact and communicate directly with the qualified people. There is no system of applicants being routed through counselors.

Our growth – “word of mouth”
We do not advertise or do any campaigning. Our entire growth has been based of word of mouth recommendations from happy and sarisfied clients.

Our Core Values
Our team shares a set of core values which forms the basis of our organization. Ethical practices are of the highest importance to our team. We abide by Honesty, Transparency and Professional Integrity.

Doing things the right way all the time
At PrimeAus we take on clients very carefully. After a detailed discussion with clients if we feel the case is not going to go through, we do not take it on. We may also, very often, advise the client not to try for Australian Immigration.

Our Vast experience
Through the years we have made a conscious decision to just specialize and keep our focus on Australian Immigration. We like to ensure on the quality of work rather than quantity.

Sunil Sharma - Director

Poonam Sharma - Certified Consultant, Director

Sarat Kumar Behera - Client Services Executive